West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Why am I blogging?


Time to blog…

I’m writing this blog in response to a WordPress class assignment.  The assignment is to introduce myself to my readers and, for me personally, it’s about getting  and keeping my focus on photography. Do as I say, say as I do sort of thing. I will hold myself accountable. After all, It’s a New Year and I would like to get my photography work off to a good and determined start. I am determined to stay motivated, interested and focused on my personal photography projects. Some of which I will share with you here. If I’m “Targeting” anyone as a readership it’s those of you who are over the age of 50. That would make you someone who has most likely enjoyed the best of both the analog and digital worlds. One of my favorite themes is “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” Perhaps you will see that.  I’m also here to share some of my personal photos and to write a little something about them on occasion. I’ve posted this blog over the last few months just to get the hang of blogging.  So, perhaps you may recall other postings I’ve made in the past few months but no longer appear nor are they available. I’ve come to discover that what I want to do is share my opinions and observations about various topics in photography with you here. It’s like having someone to talk to about any photographic topic that’s currently  on my mind. If there is something that has recently inspired me that I’d like to share with you here, I will. Something I want to comment on, I will. Trends I observe, equipment I read about, work I find inspiring or something terrifically  educational – it’s all up for grabs and dissemination here. I just like to share. Hopefully, this blog will find those of you who are really interested in and love photography as I do. I intend to use this platform as an ongoing conversation that starts now and will continue from here on out. Happy New Year!

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