West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Concrete, Glass and Nature

Concrete, Glass and NatureBeing late on a Sunday evening I’m gathering my usual inspiration doing what I usually do this time of night – reading. I like to read about great photographers a lot. I’ve got a few heroes, great photographers who’s names I’ll throw out in another post but heroes who publish great photographs and talk about stories behind the great photos. They worked the great magazines like Life Magazine for one. Then there’s still National Geographic, of course. I’m always of the mind that, “Yeah, I can do that.” They make the great photos look easy. The photo I’m posting tonight was taken Just a couple of days ago while walking around an office complex. I really liked the blue of the sky as viewed through the nearly bare trees. And then there is the geometric cube like architecture under the tree finely lit by the low Winter sun. There’s a little reflection in the glass and shadows that I liked. So, tree and building. Just a simple view. Not a great shot but it has a little bit of mood so I’m sharing just because I can. And because this phot happens to be right at hand, convenient and I just kind of liked it. I’m actually being a little lazy, truth be told. I have plans for the week to come and will return to share something a little different, guaranteed. Picture follows. Enjoy your week!

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