West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Photographing in your own backyard


Wash your silverware by a stained glass window

We’ve been having rain on a pretty regular basis now. And I’ve been searching for photos inside the home – or, at least, very close to it. I’ve been thinking of getting out and photographing things that look cool on a wet night. That is my motivation to get out in the rain. I like things like wet streets, reflections and so on. I like the look of wet streets. I like how everything is lit up outdoors on a rainy night.  But I’ve not been liking the idea of going out with my camera when it’s cold and wet out. I’d rather stay in where it’s warm.  I have not been outdoors to explore any new subjects as much as I would like. But I have found an alternative.

Something I’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time now. I’ve built a little studio indoors and discovered it is not a hard thing to do. My studio is quite basic and offers endless possibilities. I’ve created this studio in a simple way – a table or two, some light stands, backdrops, couple of floods, a strobe or two – you get the idea. I’ve also enjoyed photographing objects that I’ve collected from flea markets. There’s also any number of odd little things around a house that beg to be photographed (If you’re a photographer, that is).


Rediscover your quirky stamp dispenser

Perhaps you have a number of objects lying around that deserve a little closer study. It’s also quite the learning experience to photograph something in your studio. You soon learn that your brain sees things one way and the camera sees it differently. You can learn a lot about lighting and how a camera actually sees things vs how we THINK we see things. I’ll keep at this because I’m actually getting pretty hooked on doing this. There’s a lot of Winter left. And, leaning how to light things is the big bonus learning experience that results from such an endeavor. This kind of activity actually is following one of my New Years Resolutions. That is to get into a studio environment and photograph still life subjects. There is an endless variety of subjects to photograph. Keep in mind that some of the best photographs you can do are found right in our own backyard.


Fill a medicine bottle with buttons

Or right in your junk drawer. Make the most of your rainy days, make yourself a little studio and photograph things in your house. Even if your personal endeavor does not turn out to be “Art,” then it’s always good to have a record of things for your insurance policy. Think about it.

One Response to “Photographing in your own backyard”

  1. slgoodwin

    I love seeing the world through you creative eyes and through your camera! Thanks for all you are sharing – it inspires us to get out (or stay in!) and use the camera more! You never know what you’ll discover…



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