Food for thought

…About becoming a better photographer:

I was thinking about ways to get ahead in my own personal photography, doing some reading and thinking, looking for my usual inspiration when I ran across these thoughts. See if you agree if this is the way to go. You know that, if by doing the following, you will become a better photographer: 


  1. If you want to be a better photographer, buy a more expensive camera
  2. If you want to take better photos, travel more
  3. If you want to be more creative, buy more lenses
  4. If you want to gain recognition for your photography, share them on as many social media sites as possible
  5. You need to live somewhere interesting or be an interesting person to make interesting photos

 I will save my personal response to this for a future posting.  For now I will simply answer in the vaguest way possible by stating that if someone were to ask me the above in questions form I would certainly argue the answers are a great big NO to all. But there is some yes to it all, as well (But not a lot). It’s  really a can of worms worth digging into. Till later, then. I would like to leave you with a gem of a link. I find this one of those rare “One stop” links that you can visit over and over again and find new inspirations:

Famous Photographers (Bookmark this)

This is a link at the top of all my favorite browsers and highly recommend it. And in leaving tonight I would like to post one of those kinds of photos that remind one to remain aware, keep your eyes open and take in the world around you. There are photos to be had everywhere. This is NOT my photo but I happily share it and wish you all happy picture taking right in your own backyards: 



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