A Mighty Hunter


Riley, the mighty hunter

As you can tell, Mr. Mighty Hunter – Riley, he isn’t too worried about barking and otherwise stressing over the wildlife outside the window.  Basset Hounds just don’t worry about much. However, I have been stressing a thinking about how I’m going to manage my ever growing stockpile of digital photos. 


Quack at the Shack

I ran across these photos in a totally random way. That is, I’m currently backing up some 30 thousand photos from my computer, phone, tablet, cloud storage – you name it, up to Google. Last couple of weeks I uploaded night and day to Flickr. Tonight I began backing up to Google. Again, night and day operation…In case you haven’t discovered yet, Google will accept everything you can throw at it as long as you choose to upload a “High quality” version of some digital photo you have on one of your devices. Otherwise, uploading full size versions of your files might incur a small fee. But it’s rediculous how much you can upload for free as it is. Amazingly, it’s called Google Photos.  You can use it on your phone, in the background on your computer, most everywhere on any device. Flickr has the same service. But I really love what Google does with your photos. I’ve been impressed at how Google manages to beautifully edit and organize your entire stockpile of digital images. I have so many photos I’ve decided to just throw them at Google and see what happens with them. I already threw them at Flickr. It’s good to be backed up in a couple of places. It really is pretty cool. It kind of allows you to rediscover photos you’ve forgotten about and end up seeing them in a whole new way. I figure another ten days or so of nonstop uploading will have to happen before I  run out of things to upload. But it’s fun and exciting, I have to admit.  

Something you need to think about, all you uploaders out there… Is what are your plans for access to these photos once you’re gone? Know what I mean? Probably would be nice, if you have a valuable set of photos up in the cloud somewhere, to have a loved one be able to access them without your help. Something like estate planning. Topic for another day but something to think about…. I do digress at times.

So now I am Mighty  Hunter, seeking out long lost images in new and exciting ways. Thanks, Google. Thanks, Flickr. And so on. Choose your service and rediscover your photos. Have a go at it and feel productive. 

Leopard on pedistal_a

Leopard on a Pedestal

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