West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Sacramento’s Art Hotel

One of the big happenings around Sacramento this week and last has been an art show at the newly dubbed, “Art Hotel” in downtown Sacramento at 7th and L Streets. This was not your typical art show hanging in a room or two in a hotel lobby. This art show was the entire hotel itself with both the inside and outside turned into art. Over thirty artists from around the world worked to  transform this  building (Officially the Jade Hotel), and its 14 rooms, kitchens, hallways and restrooms into a full size multi-dicipline art project._DSC3157

The hotel is abandoned. In a prior life, the  Jade Hotel was home to a transient and economically downcast cliental. It was forever a bad part of town. In the words of one man I happened to speak to who claimed to have lived there in the 90’s – it was a hell hole. I believe it. Right now, the hotel is experiencing a whole new exciting vibe, though. It’s been very popular and getting in involves a wait. The last day to visit the exhibits according to their web site will be February 13th, 2016. Sometime this Spring, the building will be demolished. End of an era. Here’s a sampling of what I found inside and outside:


The Face of the Jade Hotel soaking up the sun in it’s final days


Long waits and sell outs every day




Entrance and Exit evening of February 10th



People scattering in a race to take it all in- Only 25 minutes allowed!


I love the Rancho Seco towers



Climbing up one of five floors


Not sure… Ghosts, maybe?


A giant wooden slug of a sculpture



A transformed alcove with loads of video statement



Art canvases on display in a cave like setting



One of many transformed rooms – Great hour glass weave



This was one of may favorite rooms, so blue and moody


A very red and gory hallway


Top floor – Go no further like the Winchester Mystery House

Visiting the Art Hotel was quite an experience. In a way it reminded me of a haunted house. Too bad they can’t keep it around until Halloween time. I returned on two separate occasions and got a lot more out of it the second time around. I hope that something like this will catch on again at another location that is soon to be gone forever. It’s definitely sending the building off in style. How much of the artwork will be destroyed is hard to imagine. Certainly everything painted on the walls will go.  I hope some of the artists get to photograph the art as it lies in the ruins of the building when it comes down. That would be a very interesting sight that I hope to see posted somewhere. Many thanks to all those who worked hard to put this very interesting exhibit up. Much appreciated! I look forward to future artistic endeavors in the same vein. We shall see…


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