I’m a Nikon guy, what are you?

Welcome to WordPress… It says “Share your story here.” So that’s what I will do this evening before venturing off to other more productive things. I won’t keep you long. Yes, Nikon… That’s me. You tend to get very attached to your camera equipment when you’re a photographer. It becomes more of an appendage at times so we get to know our cameras well. And we get to know all the equipment (Gadgets) that we collect in support of our camera(s). You know… At least we should know our equipment. Get your manual out and study up. There’s some features hidden you are probably unfamiliar with – or don’t even know about! Look things up, sit in bed with your manual and discover something new you can try in the morning. Or afternoon or, well… Just learn about a new feature.  So, what does this bottle of wine have to do with Nikon? Nothing, other than I’m making use of strobe , lights and other studio things that I used to be scared of. I used to think “Existing light for everything!” Now? Not so much. 

Not exactly the finished product, call it my W.I.P. (Work in progress) – still working on it 😳

 I personally own and love Nikon equipment. I also own Olympus equipment. My Nikon is the beast, full framed and kind of a big old very capable camera. The Olympus is my handy, small, highly portable and very capable it its own right. I went on a Canon binge once years ago but I feel out of love with it – just kidding, I was broke and had to sell it! Ha, life happens sometimes. As of lately I have been pouring some effort into my little studio and exploring still life’s mainly with the Nikon. I’ve invested moderately in lighting equipment. I have come to the conclusion that flash is the one thing that can improve your photography far beyond  any other piece of equipment you can buy. And very reasonably $$-wise, believe me. I think that will be a subject for upcoming posts, photos that shine because you control the light. That’s a big reason why I love how Nikon features a CLS (Creative lighting system). This is just another aspect of trying to use  a camera to its fullest potential. I recommend you look into what your camera can do. You Tube is amazing and usually has a great tutorial on any aspect or feature on your camera regardless of what brand. Make friends with your manual as well. Be adventurous and experiment around, you will be surprised what you come up with. And remember, if you’re shooting digital, film is cheap. Back to the studio I go, I’ll have more on this studio business in my next post. Enjoy!

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