West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Wine and Almonds

It’s been a couple days since I’ve completed my “Final” version of a wine still life. It was a little more complicated than expected. Or else my standards are just very high. Actually – both. However, my completed wine shot is now posted.

A Karmère wine processed to a B&W

My first attempt was shooting this as a single object. I kind of like the simplicity of it here as a single bottle but perhaps a little on the “Meh” side. I processed this from color to black and white to see what I liked more. I thought it was as appealing in black and white as it was in color.


Karmère in color


Karmère wine and grapes – My final

 And then I decided to add a little. I thought the bottle seemed lonely so I added a traditional touch to it as you see here. A few grapes and a touch of green with the candle display. And so I considered this as my final version. So, enough of that. I added the green candle thing only because I liked how it contrasted with all the red. The wine label has a green component that I think was also brought out by the candle display. I learned quite a lot shooting this display and will definitely pursue more still life displays in the future.


Gray Lodge Wildlife Refuge located on the north side of the Sutter Buttes.


Almond orchards all in bloom in February. That’s part of the Sutter Buttes in the background looking south.


Looking up into the almond orchard blossoms and the blue sky

Last but not least, there are a couple of outdoor shots to add. We are  experiencing such Spring like weather that I couldn’t help but add some Almond Orchard shots and another from Gray Lodge both just on the north side of the Sutter Buttes – all taken just last week. If you’ve been driving around the Sacramento Valley at all these past couple of weeks you can’t help but notice some of the almond orchards – they are all in bloom. That’s a wrap for now.

One Response to “Wine and Almonds”

  1. jhertel1127

    Love the photos , especially of the almond trees in bloom . And the still lifes. it really takes a bit of work to set one up — i think my favorite is the color one after the grapes and candle were added. but i could easily see the B & W in an ad.



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