February Madness

Good evening friends. Tonight’s post is a simple one. I saw on the news tonight we had 16 or so days of 70 degree plus weather here in Sacramento. The trees have been awakening. Most of them that is. Once again on a bit of a stroll today I viewed some trees with very large popcorn balls of white bloom which I realize is not too scientific a description. But I’ll allow the photo to speak for itself. 

white puffy blooms on February 29th

And then there are trees that haven’t quite made up their minds and are still wispy and bare allowing an unimpeded view of a beautiful blue sky. These tree branches have a really nice flow to them. I like how they look when they’re bare trees.

bare branches flowing against the blue blue sky

Then there is kind of the whole composit view as you see here. 

bare and not so bare trees

Always keep your eye on the subject, one thing at a time. Simple is best and all that. No info provided on what I used to photograph these with. We won’t get technical tonight. Ok, iPhone is always good in a pinch. Tomorrow brings March and another warm day. Maybe another tree or two will explode, who knows… That’s all for now. Happy March to you all.


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