West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Photo Nostalgia 

I’ve spent a good while tonight simply going thorough some online media featuring cameras and photographic paraphernalia that really have me thinking about getting back into film photography.  

I read an article on Dr. Land – inventor of the Polaroid camera. Actually it was a podcast but all the same… He invented that camera in his mind shortly after taking a picture of his young daughter. What triggered the process in Dr. Land’s mind was the question his daughter asked him: “Daddy, why do I have to wait to see the picture?” Well, that was shortly after WWll and by November 1948, that first Poloroid was for sale. The story of Dr. Land and his passion for invention is remarkable. Those were the days. Everyone loved the Poloroid. Everyone loved cameras and film and the whole process of photography. 

But today it’s all about digital instant gratification. There’s just that lost art and thoughtfulness that goes into taking a photo. No thoughts of how much film is left, conservation of your resources and all. Just taking time to think through the one photo you’re thinking of taking can make a lot of difference in your results.  

 It’s an attitude that is lost now because one can so easily shoot a hundred photos and pick a”Best of” shot. Anyway, I was getting a little nostalgic looking at these old cameras and thinking about maybe giving them a try again. Think about it. A simple 35mm film negative = a full frame sensor in a modern day DSLR. there’s powerful potential in that old technology. Besides, the cameras were (And still are) awesome. I’ve seen the best of both worlds. At least partly… DSLR’s are still evolving and mirrorless cameras are all the rage.. But it’s so easy to digress.  

In any sense I am seeing fit to return to film for a while, a lark…an experiment to experience that old joy once again. As they say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Digital can produce bad habits because “Film” is cheap and and it’s too easy to let technology blind you into thinking you’re actually producing good results. Slow down and smell the… You get me 🙃 till later, I leave a photo or two of my own here. Till later, friends.


just a little medicine bottle stuck in a tree


nothing like a flowers image to end a post with

One Response to “Photo Nostalgia ”

  1. jhertel1127

    Oh, Mitch, how I wish my dad and you could have connected! I think you and he are two kindred spirits.I’m not sure when the digital stuff really caught on — probably not in time for him to experience it — but the two of you would have had some great conversations on all aspects and possibilities of photography! Love to you, Cookie

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