West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.


While not exactly a hurricane, we did some pretty good rains here in West Sacramento, Ca.  The rain and warmer temperatures have obviously had an effect on our oak trees. As I walked out the front door this morning looking for a newspaper, I was struck by the scene (As SEEN!) below:


Valley Oaks as seen on March 6th 2016

I see that our oaks are quickly budding out and filling in with new sets of leaves. This is the time of year when the trees are at their loveliest in my humble opinion. It’s especially nice when you have that moment when all the elements come together like the best light, proper cloud cover, just enough bare limbs left to see the beautiful blue sky and so on. There happened to be just a few puffy little clouds, one of which was perfectly positioned behind the new leaves on the trees here that really brought out that hint of new green. I don’t think I would have really noticed that the tree was about 15% or so in bloom – if bloom is even the proper word, you get it. I don’t really think oak trees bloom but they certainly fill out with new leaves and it’s a lovely sight when you catch it framed against a beautiful sky.


We are fortunate here to have such beautiful oaks. These trees are quite amazing especially when viewed at this time of year in silhouette with a mix of bare limbs and newly forming leaves.


Getting ready to bust out some new leaves on March 6th 2016

It was a fortuitous timing to catch these trees in this state as another round of storms is heading our way. The puffy little post storm clouds will give way to gray sky and rain soon. Maybe these trees won’t be visible in the same way but I thought it was a great moment to capture the evolution toward Spring here in the neighborhood. Next time the sky clears and little clouds show up to help frame the trees I’m sure they will have taken on a whole new appearance. Enjoy the things you see blooming in your own neighborhood. Till next time.

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