Shadow and imagination

Call this a slow news day. Or more likely, a slow photo day. We should all have a photo of the day. Go out and seek one photo a day. At least one and it will keep you sharp – guaranteed!   Anyway…I had my mind set on a more substantive posting tonight but things happen and we get diverted. I was diverted enough to have to think about the only picture I took today. Just a simple picture of a stick on the ground. Like so: 

Here lies the shadowy pincers of a giant Walking Stick Bug

But with just a little bit of free association … I thought of the Walking Stick Bug – the kind you see below: 
 I saw one of these bugs once.  A very BIG walking stick bug. Now look at the stick again and that shadow projected onto the sidewalk. You see it, right? Regardless…FINE PHOTOGRAPHY RIGHT HERE, folks! 

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