Do a project and get serious!

So you think you’re a photographer do you? Well, lot’s of people consider themselves photographers. We are all photographers in one way or another. Every one of us, truly.

Here’s one way to discover and document your world

I’ve heard it’s the world’s most popular hobby. I believe that. Some people take photography a little more seriously than others. I happen to be one of those people but I don’t think my photos are any more important than anyone else’s. Never the less, true photographers as distinguished from, say equipment junkies. Or those with G.A.S. (Commonly known as – Gear acquisition syndrome). So if you’re a real photographer and you want to do something fun, read on. 

Tonight I am basically reblogging someone else’s post (The link is down below).  I always try to make my posts a little educational but really what I say is all my own opinion and that’s what a blog is usually all about. Anyway, as I stated, there is a link to another blog I read tonight that’s posted just below this image…


the things you will find right in your own neighborhood!


It’s called photographing in a one mile radius. I hope you give it a read. What it’s about is this European photographer who spent a week photographing in his own backyard – by walking and discovering with his camera in a one mile radius from his home. How he accomplished that, what he learned and ended up with gets to the heart of what being a real photographer is all about. At least to me. Give it a read, it’s real short and fun. There’s some really good tips in it that you can apply to your own photography. It’s a project you might consider trying yourself if you’re so inclined. Think about what sorts of interesting photos you would come up with if you were to do the very same thing. Check it out and I hope somebody who reads this gets a little inspired. 


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