A ship in the night

I’ve discovered of late that I really really like working in Adobe Lightroom. If you’re not using creative cloud I think you’re missing out on some very interesting photo processing opportunities. There’s a lot to talk about regarding how one chooses to process their photography so I’ll save that discussion as I’m not sure anyone gets past the photos, anyway! However, I was looking at some photos I did at the Port of Sacramento not long ago and thought I’d repost just because I can and I like how they look. I was just messing around some in Lightroom with these and was kind of happy with the results. The first is a long shot, a ship in the distance as you see here actually taken with an iPhone while the middle and final shots were done with my Olympus OMD… That’s as technical as I need to get with this because this post is actually all about the images. So here we go:

Port of Sacramento shot w/iPhone processed in Lightroom

 And then walking a little closer only this time later in the day towards the evening things look a little different. The ship sitting quietly, crew disembarked for the most part, no real activity taking place and the sun has set we see a whole new personality taking place like so… 

Ship at sunset shot with Olympus OMD processed in camera

 After a short while beyond this point it gets dark, the moon come out and so I’ll toss that photo in for good measure. I took this one as I was leaving the Port area. In case you’re interested it’s actually a two photo panoramic shot, vertically, most people think panoramic shots are simply horizontal but you can actually shoot them vertically to get a real sense of sky like BIG sky. You may have to do some scrolling because this photo is long and tall. Enjoy!

a two shot verticle panorama stitched together in Photoshop

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