Around the hood on a Sunday


Airstream #6742

It’s a cloudy Sunday here in West Sacramento. President Obama has just landed in Cuba – first time a president has visited Cuba in 88 years and it’s about time, I say. I’d love to get to Cuba. So colorful, rustic and full of classic cars. Here in West Sac, we have some old things as well. We have colorful things. We have many things to view and photograph is you are so inclined. It’s all in where you look and what strikes your fancy around here. Being a photographer, it’s all about discovering visual interest in new things. At least it is for me. Sometimes those new things are actually very old. And if it’s not something old, then it’s something colorful. Both of those ideas are included in today’s photo(s) of the day. As you can see above, we have an old Airstream trailer with a lot of personality. It’s seen better days, I’m sure.  If this trailer could talk it would have some stories, I’m sure. I spied this old thing sitting behind a cyclone fence next to one of the older homes in my neighborhood. For the record, almost all the homes in my neighborhood are old and lots of them have old things in the yard.  The best I could do to photograph this old thing was to find my widest angle lens ( A 16-24mm Tokina) and stick my my camera over the fence with it to take a series of 4 shots from the ground up to the top of the trailer. Then it was a simple stitch job ala vertical panorama in Photoshop. Otherwise, I would have had to shoot it through the fence and that’s no good… it’s a little distorted looking, maybe a little bowed out but the personality is there. And that wasn’t the only Airstream of the day.  I spotted this nifty not-so-little Airstream RV sitting in some lucky owner’s driveway.

An Airstream RV beauty

An Airstream RV beauty

Not exactly a beautiful photo but it’s a lovely ride, I’m sure. I don’t think the owner would have appreciated me moving his trash cans for the sake of having a more uncluttered photo. No prob, you get the idea. Finally, we have just a little splash of color on a gray day. Just a house or two away was a very lovely blue set of curtains gracing someone’s living room. I just liked the looks of it, so I include this with today’s post just for GP.  Enjoy!

It's the blue that make me

It’s the blue that make me


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