Precious stones and spoons

The main idea behind my posting anything at all here is to display a kind of picture-of-the-day thing. Or, I’m inspired by something photographic that I’ve either read, looked at in person (Gallery, books in the store, etc.) or thoughts on my mind that I feel like sharing.  Since I’ve been rather busy, I’m going with the picture-of-the-day for now. Like so:


Precious stones and spoons

My day job has kept me rather busy. Too busy to actually write anything of substance. That will cease in these next couple of weeks as I plan to get out and shoot some new material. Call it Spring vacation, time for renewal. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting at this computer lately destroying old file, pictures I’ve looked at for years and have finally had enough of. It’s definitely time to get out. The sunshine of late has me inspired.

In the meantime, here’s another view of the precious stones and spoons that adorn the side of our home. They really are something at the end of the day when the sun catches them. I hope you are considering getting out and gathering up new photographs. When you do be sure to call out attention to them. I love looking at other peoples photos. Till later, enjoy!IMG_0146

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