Tuesday Potpourri

Although Potpourri is generally thought of as a mixture of dried and fragrant plant materials designed to enhance the scent of your home, my version of potpourri may just enhance your sense or knowledge of photography.  Actually, potpourri means two completely unrelated photos in tonight’s posting.  Voilà, it’s now my pictures and thoughts of the day! That is exactly what my blog is meant to be. Pictures of the day both new and old. And a little tidbit of essay and education for good measure. Below is something old… And something new.

NO_cat (1 of 1)

New Orleans 1973


Dogwood tree 2016

Actually, this is not the best shot of this tree but it does say Spring. I actually spent some time photographing this beauty and look forward to posting some of the other photos of this tree soon. Wrapping up here… I am doing a little bit of traveling next week so I’m thinking this blog will be taking on a little bit of a travel log theme. So, stay tuned if you’re interested.

New website alert – I discovered a great web site today and for what it’s worth passing it on and recommending this to anyone who has a love of photography.  This is “American SuburbanX,” or simply ASX. Loads of galleries and essays if you like this sort of thing. I highly recommend it 💥 You know, it’s good to have a few “Go to” sites that you can count on to learn something from.  I know I will be visiting this site frequently. It deserves a look-see. Enjoy! 💫

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