Shenandoah Valley of Ca. 

Shenandoah Valley of California, not Virginia. I don’t want any confusion because there is a spectacular Shenandoah Valley in Va., however I have not had opportunity to visit there. But this is California’s own Amador County, Shenandoah valley  on a beautiful Spring day. Today, Thursday, the last day of March 2016. – one of the more spectacular days I’ve experienced this year. This is wine country and I know most everyone who views this blog knows of the area about  an hour east of Sacramento. 

A very stately oak stands tall in the wine country

Spring was very much on display. Tulips were red, red – healthy and happy to say the least.

Beautiful red tulips at the Amador Flower Farm

There were some great photos to be had. Nothing like visiting the area on a weekday when crowds are non existent. Here is a map of the area: 

 technically speaking, photos were not post processed in any way. They are presented exactly as they were taken in the camera. Simple views of the oaks taken with Nikon D610, same with the tulips. Flash was used for the tulip photo. Short and sweet, huh? I have other photos from today’s shoot that will require some minimal post processing because they are destined for print. I’m just sharing a couple of my favs from today so hope you are keeping your cameras busy and getting your own great shots during this awesome Spring. If you get up to this area I’m told mod June is really spectacular. Enjoy!


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