Little bits of the Redwood Empire

One thing I seemed to have remembered this week is that it’s not an easy task to photograph redwood trees. That is the big, old growth, granddaddy giants that flourish on the North Coast of California. You can’t exactly fit them in a frame. You can shoot looking up … Like so:

look at me – I am very tall

 Or you can just photograph them looking at a little mid section because they are so stately and grand as they sit in the forest like this… 

The kind of tree you just want to hug

 You know you’re looking at something special. Even if you can’t see it all. You know they go up and up so high you can’t hardly imagine. I love all the little details like the colors and texture of the bark kind of  like this…

look at my beautiful bark, I am GINORMOUS

 And looking further underneath the bark they have just a special look and texture that I really like looking at….

here I am without my bark so you can see inside me some

Never the less, I find the little details of these big trees quite fascinating. None of these really qualify as artistic nature shots but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. So, Enjoy!

Paul Bunyan blesses a valley of redwoods

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