Do yourself a favor… (Hint…) – Make a print!


Dogwood in Spring courtesy of my neighbor’s tree

Make yourself a print. Not any print but your favorite, most colorful, satisfying, go to print that you love to look at (Over and over!). Everyone has a photo lying around on their hard drive, sitting on your SD card in your camera, in a thumb drive, on your phone, uploaded to Facebook, instagram, twitter or somewhere else. You know which one it is. Here is my tip of the day for you. Recently, I read a blog entry from one of my favorite and very most trusted sources: The Strobist (Ok, secret is out now). Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from this gentleman who has published such a wealth of very useful information over the years. Credentials-wise, we’re talking about someone who was a professional newspaper photographer (Baltimore Sun among others) for years. Long story short, it’s been recommended by The Strobist’s blog (And now by mine…) to have a print made on a new paper… one I’ve not heard about until now. I actually kind of stumbled across this but I’m passing it on because it seems like something that will really be of benefit to print making – something I advocate always. The paper is called Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte Paper and according to the author it is “FREAKING AMAZING.” I am so convinced that I’m giving this a shot myself. I totally respect the author’s tip. Read Fuji’s poop sheet for further details about the paper itself if you are so inclined – convincing stuff! . More details follow…The paper is not inkjet paper, it requires processing in a professional photo lab. The lab of choice is Adorama Pix based in New York City. I highly recommend this outfit as a photo lab, store and educational institute. Really! Take a look at what Adorama has posted on You Tube – load’s of educational videos.  Adorama has been committed to not only sales of every kind of photography equipment but education (Via You Tube instructional videos) and top notch lab work as well. That is my glowing review but YOU will benefit because if you go to the link above and register you will receive $10.00 off your first order. You have to go big on your print because Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matt Paper starts at a minimum size of 16×20. I made an order for tonight’s posted photo and that ended up around $30.00 and I included mounting. img_0945 I kind of thought that this daffodil photo might benefit by one of those Fuji prints. Bold, rich and saturated colors supposedly reproduce in spectacular fashion. Do yourself a favor and at least check out this new paper. Read about it, make yourself an order for just one print and see how you like it. I’ve not heard of it anywhere else but at Adorama Pix. Certainly, you have a valuable image somewhere that you want to see hanging on your wall and here is your opportunity to get that done in a way you might really be happy about. Go ahead and look into this – it will take only a few minutes. I will report back on my print job in a future blog. Now, as always… – Enjoy!

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