West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Natural texture and carvings

Tonight I was flipping through my phone photos which are actually cloud photos, they don’t exactly reside on my phone unless I save them there. Cloud photos meaning from Flicker, or Lightroom or – you name it…This can be a lot of work or distraction when trying to get things done. One must organize! But I ran across a couple of photos I thought I’d share. One…I just love textures and when I find them in a natural setting I have to photograph them. It’s like not seeing the forest because of the trees – that sort of thing… 

Nothing like the bark of the mighty redwood

 There is this gigantic redwood tree to look at but its the detail of the bark that I so admire – among other things, of course. Like the entire forest is inspiring. The prehistoric ferns are everywhere and contrast (Color and shape wise) nicely with that red bark. So here’s both in the same shot. Just the photo that caught my eye his evening. And the title says …and carvings so here we are with something that looks as if it were created by a prehistoric Indian civilization but really wasn’t, I’m just throwing it into the mix for fun so as always, Enjoy! 

ancient indian tribe relic – Not!

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