Little Sepia Succulent Garden

This IS a little garden of succulents, I know. I just love succulents because they are such cool plants. 

Little Sepia Succulent Garden

Low maintenance and very little care to the point of (Almost) neglect doesn’t faze these little guys. I’ve never really had a green thumb but then again I do seem to have some ok luck when it comes to growing things. Now, its true I try to focus my blogs on themes concerning photography so tonight we are doing sepia tones and not anything resembling better homes and gardens.

I have a contrasting photo in which the contrast is that it’s not a living thing anymore yet colorful in its own sepia -toned-end-of-life way … Like this

Sepia Leaves

And so the little sepia garden leaves off here with more sepia leaves because it just seems suitable to me tonight. No real living color tonight, just brownish old sepia. I suggest you take some sepia to some of your own photos and see how that works for you. You might just like it. Sepia is available in all digital processing. No chemicals, no smell and no worries. Give it a try and as always, do Enjoy!

Sepia leaves ending their season

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