Circo Caballero and The California State Fair 

What ever do these things have in common, read on (Sorry…you have to read the whole post to view one of my California State Fair submissions – way down at the bottom…) Maybe this is it “The Brothers” Circus – a highly entertaining traveling circus from Mexico. I think there’s some brothers behind his circus and more likely it’s  a family operation of sorts. No matter, it travels, sets up and packs a punch in pure entertainment value. Seen here in Oakland about last year at this time 

Circo Caballero in Oakland, Ca April 2015

A circus without any big budget is a total favorite among the Latino crowds. We took a chance and entered after viewing a baseball game across the freeway. Guess which was more entertaining? Oh my, Caballeros hands down, baby! We were greeted upon entering by a ….

The Popcorn lady

Happy, smiling popcorn lady – a good omen of things to come. Things you’d expect in a circus…

Performing Hermanos

And many things you might not ever expect in a circus this size. No photos of the unexpected variety, sorry. Let me tell you it’s not easy photographing in the circus. Gotta trust me there, though. Go see and be amazed yourself next time they’re in town. During an intermission we found this Star Wars dude killing time out back…

Little Star Wars dude

But the BEST part of the entire circus was this clown. I mean a multi-talented clown who could do it all. Music, slapstick and pure craziness. And lucky for me, I caught him in a decisive moment that lead to the final photo posted tonight. This one gets entered in the California State Fair (Keeping my fingers crossed!). It’s only submitted at this point and still needs to be chosen to show…

El Trompetista

So we shall see. I guess I won’t know if it’s accepted for a few weeks or so but the fair is coming. And it my entry bombs, there’s still Circo Caballero hopefully on its way back up here soon. Check it out. Check out the State Fair, I have three total possible submissions so we will wait and see. I’ll let you know how that pans out. Enjoy!

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