West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Feather River Canyon in Spring

It appears that at the conclusion of this weekend, I have a lot of new material to go through, post and comment upon. This is all due to a fun little day trip Susie and I made up through the Feather River Canyon. We both loaded up on photos. Our trip concluded in Quincy, Ca. – 150 miles from West Sacramento. Susie and I made this little trip on Saturday, April 30th – just one day before this post. There was no shortage of photographic material. I only wish we had more time to get out and explore. Wildflowers were out in abundance. Although my botanic  abilities are rather limited, you can see that the Sky Lupine was very much out in abundance. That much I know!

_DSC4118-2 copy

Here’s a beautiful roadside patch of Sky Lupine up about 2500 – 3000 ft. elevation

It was just an amazingly spectacular day. I’ve opened with some of the sky lupin photos but certainly there were many other plants and shrubs in bloom. Our path basically followed the Feather River (Hence, Feather River Canyon) so we were greeted with a lot of fresh greenery and other items in bloom.


Sky Lupine by the roadside (Photo by Sue Goodwin)

It’s very cool that the railroad follows basically the same path through the canyon so if you look carefully you might see the tracks across the canyon in some of these photos. Included here is the one train we played tag with on the way back down towards the valley.


Looking across the Feather River is an Orange BNSF engine at the head of a long train

One thing people say about living in Sacramento (Or, as in our case – West Sacramento) is that we are situated between many lovely and exciting locations we enjoy visiting. This weekend it was Hwy 70 out of Oroville, Ca. On up to the Quincy Ca. Area. Lovely! If you can, you owe it to yourself to take a drive up the Feather River Canyon and view the wildflower blooms, vegetation blooms, new tree growth, trains, trestles, bridges and tunnels that characterize the Feather River Canyon.


Oak Tree overlooking the Feather River

As the week goes along and photos become more organized we will post others including photos from a really wonderful museum in the town of Quincy. Until then, I’m closing with just a couple more photos from Saturday. Take a look at the final image in this post as it is really a great shot by Sue. More to come this week, stay tuned. Till later…Enjoy!

_DSC4221 copy

Just a very sparkly river with blooms – very high key



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