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By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Lupines, you gotta love ’em!

In our previous post we saw several photos of sky lupines as viewed along the roadside in the Feather River Canyon of California. If you didn’t catch the last post, it started of something like this photo below: Please, follow the link to read the rest of this posting. And, as always, you may subscribe to this blog once you’ve followed this link toWestSacPhotographer – please read on!


Photo by Mitchell Lorens (Nikon D610 & Tokina 16-24mm zoom)

It was obvious that, on April 30th of this year that the sky lupines were the very most obvious wildflower in bloom up in the Feather River Canyon. Driving around up there was just an overall lovely experience. I can’t remember having seen so much in bloom. (Look to insert the bloom log link here). Take a look at the previous posting if you would like to see more views of the sky lupines. For this posting, I’m showing photos that are much more up close and personal. That means, getting down on the ground and communing with nature. Sticking that camera right into the weeds and grasses. Kissing the flowers so to speak. As far as technique goes, it’s simple. Get close. Someone once said, “If your photos aren’t interesting, you’re probably not close enough. Maybe last weeks photos weren’t that interesting, but I know they were pretty. However, it’s always good to sit back and take a break from your photos – or from your writing for that matter. Things look different if you let a little time go by and I’ve discovered I like these photos better than previously posted lupine shots.


Photo by Mitchell Lorens (Using an Olympus OMD- EM5)

Notice the captions. I name the camera that captures the particular photo. Some people like that, for others it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the content and how well it’s presented. Olympus has a particular magic in their jpgs that are right out of the camera. Something special about them in my book. Although it’s rather a subjective process when one views digital images. I’m a little colorblind, anyway. There is a slightly different setting for the flowers around an rock outcrop that I really liked…


Photo by Mitchell Lorens (Using an Olympus OMD- EM5 17mm lens)

And then there was another closeup of these guys where they are growing right out of the rocky soil. I guess they are a hardy lot, these lupines. I do believe that this photo will soon be a print hanging on my wall. By the way, many of the photos displayed in the West Sac Photographer blog postings are available for print. I try to keep my gallery updated so that prints are easily identified by number. It’s a simple matter of contacting me to obtain a fine art print of your choice. If you don’t see something you like in the gallery, either let me know of check back later. Either way, let me know if you are interested in using any image on this site for any purpose. Always check before using… common courtesy goes a long ways 🙂


Photo by Mitchell Lorens (Nikon D610 & Tokina 16-24mm zoom)

I am absolutely not an expert on botany, I only wish I were. All I know is I appreciate God’s green earth and all the beauty that is all around us. I’m fortunate to be able to capture and present these lovely images and so sharing them is a pleasure. I’m closing with a couple more lupine photos taken on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Definitely these were not wild. I believe they were planted and cultivated by a caring gardner but they are lovely none the less. I only present them as a closing image and to highlight some different kinds of lupins. This final photo is like… “Which photos doesn’t fit in this set…” It’s sure easy to see which one is from the nursery, I know. Anyway…As always, enjoy!


Lupines of a different sort


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