A New Look

   Tonight we’re doing just a little post to highlight a few changes taking place on WestSacPhotographer. Basically, if you’re subscribing to this blog, you get an email from WestSacPhotographer (A WordPress site) with my blog posting, photo(s) etc. Some of you may just read what appears in Facebook or Twitter and be good with that. As of late, I have revamped this into a full website built around this blog. Therefore, if you’re getting this in email, you should be able to follow the link to the full website. Once there you will find  galleries, information about me, how to contact me, blog archives and all that. Take a look if you are so inclined and shoot me some feedback if something doesn’t work, doesn’t look right, etc., etc. Basically, content is arranged under the menu items below.

Tooting my horn

  • About me (A little description of my background, contact info, purpose of the site, how to request images for prints, cards or other uses, etc.)
  • Blog (This blog as accessed from the website. Most of you are getting the blog emailed to you but if you follow it back to the website you’ll see where it comes from…home sweet home)
  • Gallery Info (A short description of what appears in the galleries, repeated contact info because I like to hear from you and so on. My galleries are listed as Gallery A, Gallery B and so on. I’ll use that scheme for now.
  • Home – Speaks for itself… Gets you back to the beginning.

I do enjoy feedback and comments. I recently had some feedback that said “I couldn’t read anything!” So I changed the overall look to make it more readable. All said and done, my aim is to write about photography from my point of view and present photos in both blog and galleries. Some people want prints and I’m happy to oblige that. It’s pretty easy to view the galleries, identify something you like and communicate that back to me. I’ve made and sold prints this way and I have to say people have been happy with that. Change is good and this site will definitely go through changes. I will continue blog postings which is really what I like to do best. I will incorporate new images into the galleries as well as create entire new galleries. I have lots of material. For those of you who have subscribed I do thank you and your comments are quite valuable. If something doesn’t work here, let me know! I could use your many pairs of eyes at times :). Thanks for time spent reading this. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading me 🙂

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