Big beautiful oak trees in the neighborhood

Tonight being Saturday night, I’m going to take it rather easy and post a couple of photos I took today of some oak trees. I grew up around oak trees. I’ve lived here in California for many a year and I’ve seen a lot of different oaks. I love them all. But there are a few oak trees right outside my door that I get to view all the time so I’ve recently seen them bloom into all their magnificence. The first leaves come out and you can still see through the trees so that you have this beautiful bright new healthy foliage going on. Sometimes in the morning I step out and am greeted by all this new color against a beautiful blue sky with the little puffy cumulus clouds going on. It’s a beautiful sight. A lot of times when we photograph something there’s a lot more going on that what the camera captures. The fresh air, the sound of birds, the breeze, cool temperature and all those sensory inputs are what allow us as human beings to so appreciate nature. The camera, however, doesn’t really do anything other than capture an image of what it’s pointed at. What we see and feel at the time of image capture sometimes doesn’t quite compare to the feeling we get when looking at that image later. Sometimes this is a little disappointing. We think pictures sometimes let us down some. Not so with these trees. For me these pictures bring back the feel of actually seeing them earlier this Spring.

The neighborhood oak as it enters Spring

We’re so lucky here in West Sacramento. I think we have some of the nicest oaks anywhere. Here is what I viewed this morning – just a few weeks after the image above was taken and in the very same neighborhood. Again, walking out of the house this morning this was the  first thing I saw. When you have that beautiful blue sky, puffy little clouds floating by and these oaks set in the forground it’s like…wow!

Neighbor’s oak against beautiful sky

Of course there are lots of oaks in my neighborhood to look at and here’s a couple more that I really love. 

One of many old oaks around this part of West Sacramento

Some people around here fly the American Flag and it looks especially good against the trees.

Patriodic neighbors

So, in any case I just got to thinking about these trees and wanted to take a few minutes to put them together into the posting and share with anyone out there reading this blog. That is the extent of my posting for today. I will return with other photos and thoughts on photography.Be sure to visit WestSacPhotographer to see more about this blog, view archives, see galleries and learn more about me and work presented here. Until next time, enjoy!⛅️


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