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By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Bottle brush and bottles

It never fails that I have a great idea I’d like to run with when creating a new post. And then I start going through my folders and end up completely off track. There is always a tremendous amount of work involved in organizing photos for post. I originally thought I would post a few very cute doggie photos. Susie and I dog sat this weekend. I think I’ll have to save those for another post. Tonight, it’s bottle brush and bottles. How and why? Well, it was a domestic weekend… cleaning the garage (Again) and adding new plants to the porch. I was admiring this new bottle brush plant as it sat in that new home and thought it might never look better although it should grow and flourish. Lucky us! We found these colorful plants at the UC Davis plant sale for like.. $4.00 – a steal! So here is the bottle brush…


Brand new baby bottle brush plant

We found a pretty color combination in another plant that is lavender in color and sank it in the ground next to the bottle brush. The colors look very good together in my opinion. I hope they flourish together for many seasons to come…


Red and Lavender – a nice combo!

Like I was saying, I’ve been rummaging through recent folders full of images. The logical choice, I think, it to include some old bottle photos. That’s it! Bottle brush and bottles – per the stated title of this post.


Formerly an Indian Hill Bourbon bottle

It’s been a busy week and it will continue busy for me in weeks to come. I’ll work to get a little more organized and post again soon with a possibly more coherent message. We’ll see about that part… but till then, it’s all about the photography. Enjoy!


Some pure whiskey. I hope someone really enjoyed this!


One Response to “Bottle brush and bottles”

  1. pzf

    Very nice images. I love the way the light brings out the various bottles. I enjoyed reading about your thought process too.



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