More Feather River Canyon and Quincy, Ca museum

Back on May 1st I posted a little bit of the Feather River Canyon. Tonight, after reviewing that particular folder full of images I decided it’s time to post a few more. I thought with the weather being as nice as it’s been that it would be great to make another trip up that way. The story really begins around Oroville, Ca and winds up through the Feather River Canyon up to Quincy, Ca. There’s loads of places to visit along that route and the more I research the area the more I know it’s begging for another visit. Especially now, the weather is spectacular. The blooms are probably getting to be a little more varied. Last time it was the Sky Lupines that got our attention. Those of you reading this blog may follow this link for Plumas County wild flowers. It’s fittingly called The Bloom Blog and displays photos of what’s currently blooming. So really, we got just a small sampling of the wildflower bloom with the Sky Lupines. I suggest you finish reading this post and while you’re at the WestSacPhotogrpher site view how it’s grown. I recently added another gallery. But check it out, take a few minutes and look around. As always, it’s growing and improving but I consider it presentable at this point. Maybe even.. Ugh, lovely. Sure, why not! Another reader informed me that these Sky Lupines are called Blue Bells down in Texas. They are pretty no matter what you call them.

Sky Lupines late April, 2016.

 One of really fun places we visited was a nice little museum in the town of Quincy, Ca. It was surprising. A lot of the local history was on display like it is in all museums. This particular museum had a really homey feel to it. So, here’s five minutes of interesting from that little museum that allows you to roam freely, photograph as you please and just take in all the memorabilia that makes that such a cool little museum. Obviously, Qincy is famous for lumbering and railroads. Here’s a sampling of the items on display. Really a photogenic place.. There’s also a lot of very interesting Native American items on display – bows and arrows, pottery, beads, arrow heads, etc. Well worth a visit.

Lumber memorobilia outside the Quincy, Ca. museum

An extensive old bottle display

Part of the bottle collection (Photo by Sue Goodwin)

Taxidermy exhibits (Photo by Sue Goodwin)

Old time wagon wheels

More from the great bottle collection

Outside the museum where it was so beautiful

Monster sized Christmas tree in someone’s yard

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have tonight. Just a random sampling of the museum in Quincy, Ca and some of the adjoining area. Pretty everywhere up there in Quincy. Maybe I should have researched this better, I know it’s a very random post. Then again, when you’re viewing photos and thinking of doing something with them then I guess it’s just time to do a little blog posting for those who are interested. By the end of the week I will have more of these photos organized and post processed to better present them in a gallery. My day job is keeping me pretty busy or I might have actually been a little more focused on tonight’s blog but, no matter. I hope you enjoy and think about getting yourself on up there to Quincy, Ca. Check out what’s blooming along the way. See trains, museums and fabulous hydro electric installations on the Feather River. I will be making plans to get back up there very soon, myself. Well worth the trip. Enjoy, now!

Here we are, Susie and me in Feather River Canyon

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