West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Simply a photo challenge

Those who follow this little blog may wonder what the point of tonight’s posting is all about. If you care to follow yet another blog there’s one on WordPress called”The Daily Post.” The Daily Post  is really meant for bloggers, full of inspiration by bloggers and for bloggers. It’s a WordPress thing.  I ran across a weekly photo challenge on The Daily Post. This week the challenge is “Spare.” Post some photo to depict the theme is basically the challenge. Somehow or another all the entrants postings are tied together and we have a grand old time viewing the responses. Fun, fun and you can do it to! Link is above. No excuses, now. You know you can do it 🤔. It may not interest anyone a whole lot but I will respond from time to time to a new photo challenge with a photo of my own – one that:

  1. I happen to have available and,
  2. Fits the theme in some small way

Even if it’s a stretch, it’s fun.

Spare a cup of water?

I may actually takes the challenge seriously and get out with camera in hand, never know. Anyway… On to tube challenge photo. The story here is from Japan. A very warm day and a Chow Chow who could surely use a drink of water. “Hey buddy… Can you spare me a cup of that water?” The photo is many years old but a fav of mine. I’m a little weary after today. So now I will start tuned for other responses to the challenge and perhaps see one of yours. This week’s”Spare” challenge ends next Friday. Then something new. Always fun. Enjoy!

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