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The Adobe/Apple blues

Oh! And before I forget… a big shoutout to my Son, Jonathan. A Marine through and through, martial arts dude. Happy Birthday! Memorial Day son, Mother’s Day daughter. Go figure…And now on to the story…There are times when I’m not paying full attention to something I should be paying attention to. I write down ideas to blog about when they strike me.Sometimes it’s at work, sometimes church, (Yeah, sermons can be boring…depending…) sometimes while reading or doing something else entirely. Never know. You get the point. If you blog, or otherwise write for fun then you know you have to strike while the iron’s hot. And so I had these really great bullet points about the wonders and the joys of technology and how it aids in the process of processing. That was until everything started going south.


What I wrote were some thoughts on the wonders of those Adobe suites that were made to process our digital images. I am thrilled by the ability I have to process images wherever and almost whenever I please. I own a few Apple devices like a lot of people do. There’s the phone, the iPad and my hard working desktop Mac. Whenever I have a few moments it’s quite wonderful to make an edit on one of my digitally distributed images on whatever device is appropriate at the time.   But it’s not always easy. Sometimes things go wrong. Today was one of those days with a cascading series of glitches that cost me precious hours out of my weekend. The Mac featured the spinning ball of death. Lightroom would not sync. Photoshop would not load. My printers disappeared and Lightroom would not even work. What a pain when technology goes wrong.  I’m old enough to have lived and learned through the analog days of photography. Analog photography = film and chemical processing via the darkroom. I found myself considering how quickly I could just wipe the hard drive clean and return to the days of film. Very little technology to go wrong. I was loving the idea for a while, anyway. I had to sleep on it and attack the technology woes when fresh in the morning. I had to think about a few things.

  1. Am I serious about being a photographer? Answer – Yes!  I must be because I’ve spent a significant portion of my weekend playing technician trying to make my Lightroom Mobile work smoothly. And not only Adobe Lightroom Mobile but Photoshop in all ITS mobile variations.  Everything relies on a properly functioning computer.  Tech issues come along and you can’t be a photographer any longer. When the computer gets old and cranky, so do I.  Playing technician takes all the fun out of being a photographer. But, one must preserver.
  2. Do you have multiple devices that need to work together in harmony? Rethorical question, I know. Personally, I have an iPad, an iPhone and a Mac desktop as hub to all. Apple love me. Sometimes I’m not so sure if the reverse holds true but generally speaking, I do love Apple. I’ve personally helped make them the trillion dollar company they are. When a component in the chain fails, it causes me grief. I’ve come to rely greatly on all these devices working together sweetly. I like to keep my work organized and I like to work on post process wherever and whenever I like. It is possible. Have you found yourself integrating the phone, the tablet and desktop into your workflow? I suppose it’s not necessary to have all three devices at your disposal but then I’m pretty serious about making technology work for me.
  3. Do you want to be on the hook for $9.99/Mo. each and every month? I’m talking about Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. When it all works, all is well with the world. When it doesn’t… rant time!  Why I love Adobe – let me count the ways. That feeling is subject to change. Always. There is nothing in my book better than Adobe Creative Cloud for photography. The set of tools and convenience is astounding. It’s a good deal at $10.00/Mo. You get  The latest versions of Bridge, Lightroom and Photoshop. All for $10.00/Mo. I have to admit that this has really helped me get organized and ahead of the post processing game. It’s also taught me a lot about fixing computers and learning the ins and outs of all the technology involved.  There is nothing like making your favorite images available to yourself on any or all of your mobile devices. The processing tools are astounding – even on the iPhone. Some very smart software engineers have made this possible for us. And again, when it works, it’s very sweet. Fantastic time saver yes, indeed. Just don’t let it defeat you.

    Sometimes I’m on the fence..

    There are many times when I’m totally on the fence about Adobe’s suite of apps so it’s not always roses and chocolate.  But it’s pretty good when at the end of the day when everything is running as it should.

  4. Should we love and trust in Adobe? Answer, um… I’ll have to go with a big yes.  I’m a little hesitant in saying this but yes. At this point in the weekend I can say I have everything working correctly. My cranky old Mac has been lovingly restored via Time Machine – a many hour process. I am still holding my breath and almost afraid to turn it off. Actually, I’ve tested it every which way and so far it’s so good. Just a little food for thought. Perhaps some of you who read me here will identify with the Adobe/Apple blues. Lord knows it wasn’t the Adobe/PC blues. I won’t even go there.  Long story short, get your tech on, I say. Till next time, Enjoy!


    Other times joyful 

One Response to “The Adobe/Apple blues”

  1. pzf

    Great post. I love photography and appreciate all the benefits that technology brings, but it can come at a significant cost; both financial and in terms of our time. I love Apple products and find them generally reliable. I’m a bit less enamoured with Adobe – having had my credit card details stolen from their server (a couple of years ago, when they had that enormous hack) and some very buggy updates. But, overall, I love the creative possibilities that digital work brings.

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