Indian Grinding Rock

One of the finest examples of our Native Californian’s homeland is found at Indian Grinding Rock. This is a Calfornia State Park located at 14881 Pine Grove Volcano Rd, Pine Grove, Ca. Of course this is a place dedicated to the original people of California. You’re going to have to click down here to read more of this post. It’s a good one so go for it. Sometimes I like to hide the rest of the post so people have to go looking for the rest of the content. However if you’re viewing this on Fb or Twitter and you only see the one photo dedicated to the first people of California, follow the link and check out the rest. The link takes you to my whole website where there are additional galleries, blog archives and more. So check it out!


Dedicated to the first people of California

So here we are at the Indian Grinding Rock State Park. Here, It’s easy to imagine the Indian people, Miwoks for one, all gathered in this one place specially designed for the indian people. The rock is a natural outcropping of marbleized limestone. The indian people took full advantage of this resource and made over 1100 mortar holes used to prepare lots of food and medicines.


Dedicated to the first people of California

It’s very cool to see how our native californians exploited this rock outcropping. Looking at it in the quiet of the evening it’s like looking at the surface of the moon. It’s very easy to visualize and imagine what a large gathering of the Indian people would look and sound like here. You can almost feel a spiritual presence here. This is said  to be the largest collection of bedrock mortars in North America. Right in our own backyard.


Dedicated to the first people of California

Late in the day the sun skirts across the mortars and it resembles the craters of the moon. The lizards really like it here as well. The setting is wooded in Oak trees everywhere. Some of the trees that witnessed the Indian people are now gone but lie in an almost petrified state.


Dedicated to the first people of California

Like I was saying… take a look at the lines and character of this old oak. It’s almost petrified but definitely not old enough for that. I’m sure the indians knew this oak when it towered over the landscape and provided them with acorn meal and much more.


The old Oak

The oak above really had a lot of character so I spent a little bit of time photographing it. I like the lines and the texture was pretty awesome. You can see this much better in the shot below. Those who wonder what I shot this with? Just the usual: My Nikon D610 with 16-24mm Tokina. There is no image stabilization with the Tokina so I used my manual lens stabilizer – a tripod. Works great!

This old oak has character

Overall the area is wooded oak and very savanna like. but has it’s share of windflowers. On the day I visited these guys were in bloom. Don’t ask me what they are because I don’t know. I do know there were a lot of stickers in this area.

Great wildflower blooms in wooded oak

It’s not a big park but it’s never been very crowded when I visit. To be fair I’ve only been there twice but it’s rather out of the way up in the Sierra Foothills around highway 49 up about 2500 feet or so. It’s about an hour and 15 from my home base here in West Sac. Indian Grinding Rock is not all oak and grass but mostly it is, although there’s other vegetation and Blue skies. Some of the Oaks are massive and still living – not, of course, like the petrified looking thing above. Here’s one I really liked.


Little wildflowers pay homage to a grandaddy oak

The indian people must have considered this sacred land. In it’s time it was quite a home for large numbers of our native Californians. Overall a great spot to go and check out.

Some of Grinding Rock State Park as viewed during my May 2016 visit

That’s all for tonight. If you get a chance to go visit the area up around Volcano, Ca. I highly recommend it. Till later, Enjoy!

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