West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

The beautiful Sacramento Valley (and more!)

Many who read this blog posting will stop at the picture below and read no further. This is fine. I realize social media has a pretty short attention span for most of us. However, if you read on I will try not to bore you. Here’s the Sacramento Valley looking West at sunset toward Mt. Konocti and just to the left of that is the tip of Mt. Saint Helena. Over there in the wine country.  I have never seen the foothills and coastal mountains quite so layered as they appear in this photo. I’ve been up and down the Sacramento Valley most all my life and haven’t quite seen the mountains ( More appropriately, The Coastal Range) presented this way. Just a lucky combination of time of day, there proper amount of haze (Fires) time of year, angle of the sun, etc. All a fortuitous combination resulting in this lovely view on July 4th. That’s a rice field in the foreground. I’ve printed this to 20×30 on my most favorite Fuji paper. Lovely. Look for this and more soon to be posted in my galleries. You do look at my galleries don’t you? 🙃  For the rest of tonight’s posting read on. Oh, and be kind and please don’t use this photo for any commercial purposes. However, if you liked it then feel free to copy and use for personal use. I work hard took share my stuff with you all and I trust you will honor the system, so to speak. More to read below the photo… Stick with me, got some good stuff for those who read on.

looking west at sunset from Maxwell, Ca that’s Mt. Konocti

I thought I’d have a little fun with this posting. It’s something about obnoxious photographers. To be sure, I don’t personally know of anyone who fits the bill. You have to watch the video link. I tried it and it works. Watch it and you may find you know someone who this video reminds you of. The video is actually called “The five worst kinds of photographers.” I’m also going to pass along a couple of my favorite YouTube links for learning photography. 

  • Eric Rossi (The guy with the eye) – high energy, smart and fun. This guy will teach and inspire you without trying to sell you a thing. You will learn chromium him. View there link and suscribe. 
  • Bernie Raffe – great short and informative lessons. Beyond the information is a killer sense of humor. You have to love Bernie.

Now I wouldn’t start you wrong, I promise. While you’re at it be sure to view and subscribe to Tony and Chelsae. All the above folks work hard to inspire and teach their passion. I highly recommend these guys. 

Finally, I’m dedicating the photo above to my wonderful brother, Craig. You see, I wouldn’t have been in the right place at the right time were it not for visiting him up in the Valley, on the 4th.  I plan more trips up that way soon because Craig won’t be much longer for this world. So I know this is a place we are both well familiar with and it just reminds me of him. So, yeah… 

Enjoy and be sure to check out those links. They’re worth your time! Later!

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