A Simple Home

Here is a simple little post today that isn’t going to take me long. Life has been a little hectic lately. So, just to simplify things and not to write on any complicated philosophy of technique- I offer a response to another WordPress photo challenge. A nice little series as WordPress is so prone to do, this one is called Developing Your Eye. One of the series is themed “Home.” Without further adieu, here is one of my very oldest photos:

NO_cat (1 of 1)

New Orleans – early 70’s

Just a cat taking in the day From his front doorstep. I won’t say how old this is, it doesn’t matter. 40 something years. I’m not tired of it after all this time. So, just throwing it into the greater mix here for what it’s worth. Have a good rest of your day. I know I will. Enjoy!

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