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By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Finally, back to posting… Here is a taste of Fort Ross on California’s Sonoma Coast

Sad to say I haven’t posted in over a month! Maybe you’re not keeping track but I am! Family matters being what They are. I’ve been occupied. However, I am  happy to be back. Honestly, I had to get a new post in just to get back in the groove of posting  📝. I also have a completely new Facebook account so I’m hoping you find this posted over there . It’s all liked magic to me. Without further ado let’s get to the photos. As always there is a link for you to follow wherever you see this posted (Be that on Twitter, Facebook, Google and what not) that you can follow to:WestSacPhotographer where all my blogs appear (Blogs, galleries and still on). That’s the best place to see what I’m up to as well as where to view my web site and ALL my lovely blogs. Yes, yes ✍. Another link at the end of this post if you want to know more about Fort Ross. But please don’t leave quite yet.

inside the Fort Ross Chapel

Here today we visit Fort Ross, California – on the beautiful Sonoma Coast. Yes the photos you’re looking at are the real religious framed photos brought over by the Russian traders well over a couple of hundred years ago. Quite an incredible and beautiful spot on the California coast as you can see!

wide open raw beauty of an ocean view

I just ❤️ it there. And inside the fort are many old relics as you might imagine. Things like guns and quarters for cooking and sleeping and all those things you’d expect to see.

the old armory

I liked the feel of the history but I enjoyed the ocean more. Timeless beauty and an especially wonderful blue color this day. Windy as all get-out! Here is the little cove where ships in the olden days picked up and delivered goods. Notice the small group of people on the beach.

the cove at Fort Ross

Maybe I saved the nicest photo for last. I hope you computer monitor or other viewing device offers you an accurate rendition of this ocean blue. That is something I don’t manipulate. Some would say photoshop because photoshop is so often used as a verb these days. Another topic for another day. Stay tuned. I’ll be back again soon. Enjoy! More on Fort Ross here…

One Response to “Finally, back to posting… Here is a taste of Fort Ross on California’s Sonoma Coast”

  1. cristina61

    Fort Ross sits in one of my very favorite parts of the Northern California coastline! I’m always wishing to go back to the fort and take better pictures. 😉
    And I really love your photo of the cove below the fort. No need to tweak the colors, they’re perfect!



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