West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

A Hummingbird Quest

As of late I’ve been relying on WordPress and the weekly photo challenge, or the Weekly Posting challenge to motivate me to post. I’m not exactly spontaniously posting like I was a couple of months back. My concentration has been on producing work for print and not so much producing work for my blog. Pretty lame excuse, really. But here we go! Thank goodness for The Daily Post and it’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  This week, the photo challenge is Quest, and as the title states:

“Quest – What are you in search of, capture a quest with your camera.”

I say, Indeed! Photography is always a quest for me. My quest these last several months has been to capture hummingbird photos. For instance, this shot below was taken back in November ’15 – almost a year ago! Our little friend here is proud as an eagle and has wings like an angel (Don’t you think!?)


Our friend, Mr. Greenie

I’ve collected several shots of our Hummer friends over the last few months. A couple of which I am posting here (But not necessarily my very best – you’ll have to go to WestSacPhotographer.com to see those – and I will be updating galleries soon). The above shot is almost a year old but one of my favorites. I believe this guy is still visiting. Maybe this is him/her below. The hummers are very territorial so they kind of own us which is perfectly fine by me.


Same guy as the one above?

Notice the tape over one of the feeders. That’s so I can coax these guys into going to a feeder I can focus my camera on. These shots are  not handheld. I shoot them remotely with camera on tripod pointed at a feeder. I use my Nikon w/24-85 zoom located about two feet away. And then I remotely fire away when I notice them at the designated feeder. I find these birds do cooperate and eventually feed off the one I want them to feed from. At first they get mad when I tape off a feeder and they get a little confused and fly off. Oh well! They DO get over it and keep coming back so I’m finding I CAN train them. Nice, huh? Some of these guys belong in the circus. But they would be hard to see, I’m sure. You always have to pay close attention. That is part of the QUEST.


This guy enjoys feeding off the bar

I have a lot of other hummingbird shots I really like. Some display the acrobatic nature. Regular little fighter jets they are! Their acrobatic feats are so fun to watch. I really like these guys and once you get some really good shots you learn something and want to get more. It becomes a little addictive. However, this is quite the waiting game. It’s good to set up, grab a book, an ice tea and keep the remote next to you. Then you have to get really tuned in with your eyes and ears so you know when they are at the designated feeder. Hopefully its a quiet environment so you can reasonably see what is going on, know when to shoot and so on. Once hummers know you’re friendly they will come right up to you. Fun, fun! Someday I’ll move on because there’s so much more I’m interested in photographing. However, another point in my quest will be to make prints. Exciting! Next I will be updating my galleries with a gallery of humming bird shots from the last year. I’m behind on my galleries but it’s nice to get a posting out now and again. This is my quest. I hope you get over to The Daily Post (Linked above) and follow up on your own quest. Bye for now!

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