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By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

A taste of the California Capital Airshow… part 1

What goes up…


Must come down…


So it is said. This weekend at the California Capital Airshow was a great event!  So many wonderful aircraft on display! Great tributes to the airpower of America’s military both past and present. Here we have only a sampling of this weekend’s event. Photographs to be had everywhere you turned. Sheesh! This show just brings out the kid in everyone – including me. I think I saw some of the biggest lenses on cameras I’ve ever seen anywhere at any event. So, naturally there are going to be a gazillion photos posted on every possible media site. My contribution will be minimal at least for this posting. I’ll admit I took a few hundred photos so now I have the task of sorting out the hero images from the weak. Wheat from the chaff. Just to give you a flavor, I post these images. At least this will be all for one posting. Definitely more to follow next time.


Not to worry, he’s in total control

I’m kind of featuring the Lucas Biplane that did some of the craziest stunts you could imagine. Including… racing a jet car (Viewed further down).  Wow, what an awesome pilot! Loved this demo and sometimes he even flew right side up!


Sometimes he even flies right side up

Only to fly upside down again and while racing a jet powered care nonetheless!  Yes, that’s a jet powered car with a little after burner action going on. Unbelievable …


Yes, that is a jet powered auto he’s racing!

And on the ground there were some of the pilots mingling with the crowd as you can see below here… But really.. if you look at the image further down then you will see that this guy was actually…


One of America’s finest!

a mannequin all decked out in his pilot gear. Looks like he was collecting some pretty good tips!


Really just a Pilot-dude mannequin

So many more photos worthy of posting. I can’t wait to see what some of the many other photographer post from today’s event… Below is one of the cooler airplanes on yesteryear. More of a “Static ” display. Not sure if that was a P-51 Mustang or not but sure looks like it.


One of the most awesome planes ever – P51 Mustang

Finally, just a shot of some of the crowd. I think  this photo captures the gist of the event. As you can imagine there was a whole lot of this looking up bit going on. There was a whole lot of aircraft on the ground to look at as well. Next posting will feature more of what was available for our viewing pleasure… hence the “Part 1” title here.. Enjoy!


Things are always looking UP!

See you next time! Be sure to visit https://westsacphotographer.com



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