West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

WordPress photo challenge – Local

The word “Local”describes this week’s WordPress photo challenge. Of course, the photo challenge is a weekly published challenge to photographers the world over, to post a little something representative of the chosen theme.  That is what we do. You can visit the site here – “Local , this week show us where your heart is.” This week the theme is “Local” and I will define my “Local” as something within an hour’s drive from my home base.   My choice this week is a ship docked in the San Joaquin Delta – The Aurora. Yes, there is a ship local to our area that I discovered quite by accident. It’s The Aurora and it’s


The good ship Aurora

located in the Delta, in Little Potato Slough, at the end of West Right Mile Rd., near Stockton, Ca. I love ships, the ocean and all things nautical. I found this as a curious site on the Delta landscape. Finding and photographing the unusual definitely has a place in my heart. I have much more I’ll post in days to come but the weekly photo challenge is always a good kick starter. Go and check out the photo challenge for yourself! Till later, Enjoy!

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