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By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Chipped paint associations – Vina, Ca. part II.

Here’s from my most recent trip up to Vina, Ca. – The Monastery at New Clairvaux. Something mysterious I viewed while exploring the “Industrial” area up there. Ah, what DID I see you’re asking yourself! Before I explain, I’m treating this post as a little “Aside.” Part III from Vina, Ca will be another post (More of a serious nature, that is) from the Monastery at Vina, Ca. Part 1 was previously published. We have the wonderful Abbey they are renovating – it’s fabulous (Photos in next post). There’s the wine they produce. There’s the vineyard, orchards – All that and more. But today is a short post of something I found while wandering about their 600 acres of gorgeousness. To me, even an industrial area can be gorgeous. Let me cut to the chase. After all, it’s the pictures you want to see and then move on! This is the internet, after all. Ten seconds of attention span. I know! So, here’s the story, quickly. I was wandering and exploring the monastery area, walking about when I cast my eyes upon the doors of one of their “Industrial” brick buildings. Old time brick buildings with old metal sliding doors and fading paint. Here’s the first thing I saw…


Vina’s Ca.’s industry of wine relic

Look at the door. What do you see? Hmm… Well let’s look a little closer and maybe you’ll get it (And maybe not!). Here we go…


Does this remind you of anything?

Ok, if you haven’t see it yet, I’m going to tell you what it is I saw (And still do)… It’s a man’s face. Right there, on the right hand door in the top left corner. I saw a man wearing a fez, there’s the eyes underneath, a little sharp hook kind of nose, pointy chin and bit of a goatee. Kind of a Moraccan sort of look.  Now do you see it?.. Look closer now…


Mystery man up close and personal

Ahh yes, you may be saying. Try squinting your eyes. Perhaps you got it right off. I did, from a good distance away. But that’s me. I don’t know that this was ever an intentional painting or add. That doesn’t figure in the monastery. I think it’s a trick of fading/chipped paint. There are two figures I can associate with this. One: The famous old Zig-Zag man (Which you can look up if you so desire… a figure that graced or still does grace rolling papers. Ahem…nuff said there) Or, two: The figure you might see on the tail of an Alaskan Airlines jet. You know – the Eskimo dude, without the parka. Again, that’s how I saw it and the whole reason I photographed it. Had to share. Just a little back story from Vina, Ca. And I promise, more significant and lovely photos in the next few days from some of the lovelier aspects of the monastery at Vina, Ca. That will be the Vina, Ca. part III. Stay tuned. For now, it’s just fun with chipped paint associations. Enjoy! Be sure to visit me at WestSacPhotographer


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