West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

The view from Red Bluff, Ca.

Sure there’s a ton of snow up in the Sierras but it’s a rare site to see this much snow on the Coastal Range which is looking WEST from Red Bluff, Ca. I believe these peaks are part of the Yolla Bolly range – part of the Southern Klamath range. It’s been so clear this week and the mountains are so full of snow it seems like they are close enough to reach out and touch them. These peaks may be in the 7000′ – 8000′ foot range. Really a great view in person.


Coastal Range west of Red Bluff, Ca. Jan 27th, 2017

And then there’s the BIG peak looking to the north from this same spot. And that is Mt. Shasta which stands at about 14,300′ or so. Right now, Mount Shasta is a stunning view as you drive up the Sacramento Valley. This photo is from early last month but it’s even more stunning now.


Mount Shasta as seen from Red Bluff, Ca. on Dec. 8th 2016

Finally there’s one more great view from Red Bluff. Looking to the North-East is Mount Lassen which is also stunning in all it’s new snow. See for yourself:


Mount Lassen as seen from Red Bluff, Ca. in December 2015.

So much for the landscape photos. The Yolla Bolly range is maybe 60 miles to the west. Mount Shasta is around 60 miles to the north. Mount Lassen is around 60 miles to the North East. Red Bluff is a great location for the great outdoors. As far as photography goes, you just can’t go wrong when things are looking this good. Top photo is a panorama made up of five images zoomed out to 250mm or so. Bottom image is a stand alone zoomed out to 200mm. Just so you get an idea. If this were a camera magazine I’d be obliged to tell camera, lens, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, tripod (Not!), and what kind of shoes I was wearing. For now, I’ll forego those details.  I hope you are able to take in some of these spectacular views if and when you get to travel up north in the great Sacramento Valley. Enjoy!

One Response to “The view from Red Bluff, Ca.”

  1. cristina61

    Amazing, gorgeous shots! I rarely get to that area; it’s good to see some of the beauty I’ve been missing. 🙂



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