West Sac Photographer

By Mitchell Lorens in West Sacramento, Ca.

Wonderful Gray Lodge, a wildlife sanctuary

These 5 photos are from this past Sunday, March 5th. The location is just west of Live Oak, Ca. up near Yuba City, Ca. That’s for those of you who might need to look this up on the map. Otherwise, if you’re a local, you already know. But maybe you haven’t been there in a while. I highly recommend you pay a visit. It’s like $4.00 entrance fee. Such a bargain!  It was a great visit with lots to see! In fact, quite fabulous!  I’m going to post a few photos here. I’ve been a little challenged in culling the large number of photos I took. I figured it would be days before I come up with the best images and actually get them printed. So I’m just pulling a few out of the mix to share with you here. At least, I think this will give you a little idea of what’s there that is totally worth visiting. Please forgive if I don’t describe the birds you see, um… perfectly. I’ll try, though. I didn’t exactly size these and set them as low Rez, smallish images meant to post online. So if you happen to double click them and they get really big, so sorry. All the better to view on a big screen. Anyway, here you go:

Here’s the avocets! Look at their cool bills!

Next you get an idea of the fact that it looks almost pre-historic there. So much water! The presence of the Sutter Buttes so green almost like an Hawaiian scene. You can see this better in the following photo.

There’s the Sutter Buttes just 5 miles to the south

Here’s looking a little bit closer at the Northernmost part of the Sutter Buttes. Remember, we’re looking south here. Beautiful! I’m not real used to seeing the Sutter Buttes so green.

Sutter Buttes looking like Diamond Head it’s so green.

Here’s a red shoulder Hawk. Love the raptors! They’re hard to get near, that’s for sure.

Red Shoulder Hawk. So beautiful!

Finally, I’m posting some cattails. Just another view of what’s beautiful up at Gray Lodge.

Lot’s of beautiful Cattails

If this were a real serious post I’d go on about the camera I used, the lens and so on. Then I’d probably discuss a little about photography in general. But, I’m not bothering. Let the pictures speak for themselves, tonight. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Wonderful Gray Lodge, a wildlife sanctuary”

  1. cristina61

    Great pictures! Sutter Buttes is one of those places I’ve seen only from a distance and always wanted to explore. Spring seems to be a good time to go…maybe one of these days I’ll make it up there.



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