Grapes in the Delta

These are the fairly current status of grapes in the Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta near Rio Vista, Ca. If you are driving through the area, it’s worth your while to get out and take a look. The grapes are beautiful. I had camera in hand and made it obvious I was photographing only. In other words, I wasn’t carrying a basket or grocery bags if you know what I mean. “Photographs only, Mr. Farmer, Sir!” I did have to sample a few when nobody was looking, mind you… Now,  I’m no wine expert but I can imagine these will soon become some kind of delicious variety of vino. Or, perhaps some decent jug wine (I like both).  I love how these grapes look this time of year. The weather is hot, the grapes are plumping up and turning color. You probably still have some time to go investigate for yourself. Try it and ENJOY!


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