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The Delta

This is the Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta area that I’ve had the good fortune to live near for several years. I’ve occasionally ventured down along the waterways down to about as far as Rio Vista, Ca. There’s the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers that make up the Delta. It’s quite a large area that drains eventually into San Francisco Bay. There are those intimately familiar with the Delta who know it so much better than do I. What I’ve seen is mostly what I present here. Most of these views are from along Highway 160, The River Road that winds down along the waterways all the way down to Rio Vista, Ca. Then there’s a ton of poorly maintained tiny little two lane roads that wind around the islands and across the tops of worn out levies. Once you venture out on these little roads you’re bound to come upon something interesting. My interests are mainly in the Old, the historic, wildlife (Birds), agriculture and anything nautical.

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