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Locke, California

So much of the SSJD (Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta) is old, worn and poorly maintained. Back in the day when ships of commerce regularly plowed the waterways of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, towns thrived. One of the thriving little towns was the town of Lock, Ca. Locke thrived because it was home to a large Chinese population who mainly built the levies that make up the Delta. Without the Chinese, the Delta would not be what it is today. Over the years, commerce has dwindled and Lock is now mostly in decline. I say mostly in decline but it is truly a historic landmark and thus it’s charm. Old and worn to me is charming. The town of Locke lives on mostly supported by artistic vendors and tourists. The old wooden structures built by the Chinese long ago have their own charm. The artists and small business people who work hard to keep Lock alive and well have all left their own mark on the town and it is truly a special place in Sacramento County, Ca. My photos here have been taken over the years and it still looks very much the same. If fact, the last time I visited (August ’17) it was doing well. A new soda fountain, an upgraded artists shop and Locke Boarding House Museum were highlights of the town. Also, Locke tends to be a biker’s Mecca so there’s always the sound of many Harley-Davidsons pulling in off the River Road to visit Al The Wop’s restaurant. Here’s some of my photos taken over the years. I recommend you visit Locke which is 30 miles south of Sacramento, Ca. I also recommend highly that you protest the actions the State of California is taking to build twin 40′ tunnels that will carry Delta water to Southern Ca. However, here I present some of my photos so you can better know Locke, Ca.

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